Soldiers for CHRIST LLC. is an e-Commerce business. [E]mpowering beings through an Urban Clothing Line & Innovative Design. [S.F.C.] is an [out-reach] to the [Y]outh & [A]LL people in the Globe.

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A little about me, DaniEL 'CAMouflage' Okafor

Bond-Servant | Futurist | Designer

Hi... I'll jump right in... so you get to know me/my heart a little better' 

A lot of people ask me "what happened to you?" or "how did you become so passionate or on fire for the Lord?"

The TRUTH is the passion & desire I have to serve the LORD as I have been for the past seven years can only come from HIM.  My will & desires were much different.  I had always dreamed about doing something to have an immediate impact on my family here and abroad in Africa.  

I felt Blessed & burdened at the same time because I was born in the United States, Blessed with the opportunities and burdened to become successful so I could help support my family abroad.  I had dozens of relatives who didn't have that opportunity, so I wanted to make the most of my life.  The ideal vehicle, I thought would be sports, because I was Blessed with some competent physical abilities to compete on the high school and collegiate level, but GOD had other plans for me.

GOD graciously gripped me & stripped me of my old identity at the age of twenty one and helped me understand how blinded I was by the world system of bondage I had been born into.  I surrendered to HIS will for my life & that made ALL the difference for me.  I still have my share of trials & tribulation but in comparison to what CHRIST has done for me/us, I'm Grateful & encouraged knowing there is HOPE  & more to come to those who BELIEVE in HIM.

For those who wonder what made me this way... I'll put it this way, I had a Face to face encounter w/ a LION who had every right to DESTROY me; rather HE pinned me down to the ground w/ HIS Majestic Strength, explained to me that I was blind & forgotten my HERITAGE due to the fall of man; HE proceeded to Chastise me, then explained why HE had done it, HE said because HE LOVED that moment I understood that if HE hadn't intervened I would have destroyed myself!


So HE saved me from me! & that has made ALL the difference, HE began to teach me HIS ways & continues to do so... HE was Gracious enough to deposit a portion of HIS spirit within me & it has TRULY been TRANSFORMATIONAL... I LOVE this Humble yet Ferocious LION named JESUS! I will continue to serve & worship HIM for HE chose me before I chose HIM & LOVED me before I LOVED HIM!  Glory to the Ancient LION of JUDAH who has conquered HIS adversaries... & saved HIS children from the lying serpent.



Our focus is to empower people using innovative methods. We want people from ALL walks of life to grasp the truth and understand that being a Christian doesn't have to be boring... You can look around the Globe at God's creation especially Humanity & realize that the GOD of the Universe [JESUS]...Yes! [WE] said *JESUS*, is far from lame. In fact, HE is very CreativE to say the least!

(We) are Soldiers for Christ !!! ---|-
------------------------------------------------------- ---|-
(We) utilize InnovaTivE OuTreacH Tactics -+

Mission: Spread the word of the Heavenly Kingdom from Neighbor- (Hoods) to Nations / Glorify GOD with the Special Abilities that were given to (E)ach one to (R)each one!, ---|-

Our King|Commander: *Yeshua aka Jesus "The Christ" -> The Mighty Warrior! ref. Exodus 15:3))) & has never lost a battle!

Objectives: Pump the Gospel a.k.a. Good News out in as Many Creative ways as (We) can, Street TeaM's, Art, Music, Dance, Poetry, e.t.c. (GOD) wants Billions of Souls birthed|plugged into the KinGdoM of *LiGhT*! before (HE) returns! ---|-

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A Percentage of ALL proceeds generated goes to domestic & international causes that desire to feed the hungry, provide clean water for the thirsty, provide clothing| medical supplies & tools to spread the Love & Word of GOD. -+

[We] Truly appreciate your support & prayers! -+

*Holy-Spirit a.k.a. (Paracletos) is (LooKing) for Soldiers, You Down?

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